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WhatsApp API Dondy Approval Process

This article outlines the procedure for obtaining approval for WhatsApp API access using your custom number.

Step 1 - Business & Facebook Account Details

Begin by sharing your details about your Facebook Business account and your store on this form. We'll apply for WhatsApp API approval on your behalf. Facebook will verify your website and determine approval based on whether your business complies with WhatsApp's Terms of Service. Certain business types are eligible for API access, outlined in WhatsApp's policy. Ensure your display name and phone number adhere to WhatsApp's guidelines, which you can find here and here.

Step 2 - Notification

Expect a message on your personal WhatsApp number (provided in Step 1) informing you of a request needing approval in your Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 3 - Verification Confirm phone number ownership through an OTP/verification code sent to your number via SMS. We'll guide you during this step.

The overall process typically takes 2-5 business days.

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