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How to collect phone numbers for WhatsApp marketing at the checkout of the Shopify store

Step 1/6

Login to your store’s admin -> go to setting -> click on Checkout (or click here: Shopify admin > Checkout settings ).

Search for Customer contact method box, and select the option "phone number or email", as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 2/6

Search for Customer Information box on the same page.

Set Shipping address phone number as "Required or Optional". We recommend setting it to Required:

Step 3/6

Search for Marketing Options box on the same page. Select all the checkboxes as shown in the screenshot below:

Selecting this checkbox helps you get maximum possible opt-ins from the Checkout page. Click Save!

Step 4/6

At the same page, GO to Customize sign-up labels as shown in the screenshot above:

Step 5/6

1.At the page showen, find the Box of "accept marketing checkout label".

2. Update the text field in that box, use the following suggestions as an option

Get order updates & offers via WhatsApp

Sign up for order updates, exclusive offers and news via WhatsApp and Email

Include any additional channels that you are using in the text above. For example, if youuse SMS, the first message becomes "Get order updates & Marketing offers via WhatsApp and/or SMS".

3. Click Save.

Step 6/6

1. On the same page, use the search bar above and type ”Phone”.

2. Edit the fields “Phone Label” and ”Optional phone label” and update the text in them to:

“Phone number for orders, delivery & offer updates”:

This will help communicate Cleary to the customer about what the phone number

will be used for, in case they use their email to checkout.

Don't forget to click the Save button on the top-right corner of the page after you're done!

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